About Deviate PR.

Mission Statement.

Based in the North West, UK, and run by Holly Royle, Deviate PR specialises in the promotion of alternative genres; everything from alternative rock to darkwave, prog to death metal, and all in-between. Deviate PR works with bands and organisations in the UK, as well as internationally, to help improve marketing strategies, increase brand awareness, and Deviate from the norm!.

Behind The Brand.

Holly's personal experience in the music industry from both the perspective of an artist, and journalist, combines with her understanding of marketing and ever-growing music network to help get emerging artists heard. Holly writes for a range of music journalism sites, including The Soundboard Reviews. Other publications include AntiHero Magazine, Scholastic Perspectives (formerly Madness to Creation), The Metal Lab, On The House, Musipedia of Metal, and more recently, Epic Metal Blog. She is the guitarist and co-vocalist of the experimental metal project, Disconnected Souls, and she is the vocalist and songwriter of Gothic electronic duo, Sensory Enigma. This experience in both areas of the music industry has provided an insight into what journalists look for, whilst understanding what it is like to create and release music.

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"Without music, life would be a blank to me.” - Jane Austen.

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